Area Residents Beat the Heat

by Jennifer Bullock on May 31, 2013 at 9:49 am

As the temperatures continue to rise, area residents are finding ways to cool down. WHIZ Reporter Courtney Wheaton found the best places around the county to beat the heat…

On our search to stay cool around Zanesville, we stumbled into one of the most well known ice cream spots in town. Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl has been a staple in Zanesville since 1948. Owner Bill Sullivan said ice cream is a classic way to stay cool.

"It’s one of the things people usually do when it gets warm… They go get ice cream, especially during the heat of the day, and in the evenings, too, when it cools down a little bit, everyone wants to get out and eat ice cream," said Sullivan.

In 1998, Tom’s made the top of the list for the Best Ice Cream in the country. I talked to recent Rosecrans High School graduate and Tom’s employee Tyler Boggs about what flavors are good for the summer season.

"It depends on the season. Right now, we have quite a few seasonal flavors, but my favorite would have to be Salty Caramel," said Boggs.

There are other ways to stay cool and beat the heat, too. At the Zanesville Country Club, some of the boys gave me the inside scoop on how they stay hydrated after a long day at the pool and playing baseball.

"Drink alot of water… drink a lot of water, and drink Gatorade and pop," said swim enthusiasts Jake Slaboden, Max Lyall and Campbell Miracle.

Next, we went to Lake Isabella in East Fultonham, where there were even more people using swimming as a way to stay cool during the summer. Lifeguards Monica Westerheide and Kelsey Royer gave us advice on how to stay safe while braving the heat.

"We make them get out every 15 minutes… well every 45 minutes we make them stay out for 15 minutes, and if they need anything to drink, we have them come up here and get drinks, and we make sure everyone has sunscreen on. If we think they need it, we’ll be like ‘Put some sunscreen on’".

Whether people were sitting under a shaded tree, taking a dip into a pool or lake, or eating ice cream, this area was full of people enjoying the summer weather… while staying cool.