Beam Signing

by Katie McGraw on May 7, 2013 at 7:24 am

Donors, employees and other members of the community got to sign a reserved steel beam that will help hold up the Advanced Science and Technology Center for Zane State College

The building’s construction is on schedule for January of next year and this evening the people who donated money will be historically etched into the new science center.

"And the beam signing is kind of like a time capsule where the donors and the employees of the college can sign the beam and that’s the last beam that beam in place in the building and it would be there forever," said Paul Brown President of Zane State College.

Both Brown and John Knight, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, noted how important it is for the college to have this science and technology building including with the opportunities it will bring for future students.

"This building will help us further educate the people in science,” Knight said. “And sciences are so important in today’s in the industry today. A school like Zane State, the curriculum is constantly changing, it constantly changes to meet the needs of the jobs that are available in the community.”

The new science center will be two stories, energy efficient and around 45 thousand square feet.