Bridge Safety

by Courtney Wheaton on May 24, 2013 at 6:50 am

After the collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge in Washington State, Bridge safety is at the heart of discussion nationwide.

Muskingum County Engineer, Doug Davis says with lack of funds, keeping local bridges safe and updated is getting more difficult every year.

"It’s getting so tough on the infrastructure across the nation because the federal transportation bill does not give enough funding for what we need. We’re not trying to expand in Muskingum County. What we are trying to do is save what we do have, " said Davis.

Davis says that he tries to come up with different sources of revenue locally. He says he uses recycled materials to add longevity to pre-existing bridges.

"We go after every grant that we can. We use our local dollars as much as we can. We maximize our efforts. We recycle, we reuse things for other areas I can take a 20 foot bridge and tear it down and maybe use it in a spot where I can put a 12 foot structure, "said Davis.

Davis says his office checks bridges in this area annually and as of now they are all safe for use. He advises people to pay attention to weight limits on the bridges because it wears heavily on the infrastructures.