Donate To OK Victims Through The Red Cross

by Mackenzie Stasko on May 21, 2013 at 6:41 am

At least 24 people are confirmed dead and more than 200 people have been treated for their injuries following Monday’s devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. The Muskingum Valley chapter of the Red Cross is accepting cash, check and credit card donations to help those in need.

"As of right now, we will be accepting monetary donations only. We have six shelters set up and with the monetary donations that enables us to go out and provide them with food and water and those kind of things that are needed right now," said Marlene Henderson, Executive Director of the Muskingum Valley Chapter of the Red Cross.

You can donate by going online to, by calling the Red Cross and by texting 90999 on your cell phone to make a $10 donation to the disaster relief fund.

"We wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for our monetary donations. I know last night there were 25 emergency relief vehicles that were ready. Those cost money. those cost money to operate, that’s what gets our volunteers and all of our supplies."

Henderson says volunteers are always need for disaster relief efforts like the one in Oklahoma. You can call the Red Cross to learn more about training to be a volunteer.