Frost Warnings Over In Our Area

by Mackenzie Stasko on May 15, 2013 at 7:05 am

Monday marks the end of frost warnings in Ohio and is the official day you can start growing your garden outside.

"Usually by mid-May we’re out of the frost zone so we should be good as far as getting in some annuals and vegetable gardens and things like that so hopefully we’re out of the woods on that," said Kevin Gaskill, Landscape Designer at Timber Run Gardens.

Muskingum County has had three frost warnings in the past week but the manager at Timber Run says it hasn’t slowed down business.

"Everytime the sun shines it’s a busy day. It’s been busy for the last couple weeks and we anticipate even more business now that the 10-day forecast shows no frost," said Marc Brockman, General Manager at Timber Run Gardens.

I talked with one gardener who say it’s been a long winter and says she’s just happy it’s over.

Gardener Genny Zwahlen said, "Gardening is just starting over again and it’s a time for us to get out of the winter mode and get back to being alive and being colorful again and it’s just fun."

Although the warnings are over, experts at Timber Run say there’s still a possibility of a cold snap and if the temperature gets below forty degrees, you should keep an eye on your garden.

"It’s always a good idea to get back outside and maybe cover things up with preferably something with cloth material whether it’s cotton or something. Some people like going out with plastic but the plastic will kind of conduct that chill and the cold through the plastic into the plant itself."

Wildlife can also become a big problem and could harvest your garden before you even get a chance to. Gaskill says it’s a good idea to put up fencing and maybe even a net overtop to cover it from birds. And of course, with gardening, comes weeding, a chore almost no one likes to do. Some suggestions for weeding are to pull the larger weeds and spray the smaller ones, and it should keep them at bay.