Greenwood Memorial Day Service

by Courtney Wheaton on May 28, 2013 at 5:27 am

All across our area families were celebrating Memorial Day, for one group though there this was no party.

Members of the community met at Greenwood Cemetery to honor Memorial Day a little differently. War veterans gathered to recognize their fallen brothers.

"It was a time to reflect and pay our respects for the marines and the soldiers, sailors and army that paid the ultimate sacrifice and served their country not only for the deceased but the veterans of today, " said retired marine, Dick Bowers.

This was the 37th year that this particular event took place . Captain, Chris Nekvinda came from West Virginia to speak at the service . He says that the people you serve with become your second family and when you lose one the pain is overwhelming.

"It’s very difficult words can’t describe it. I can’t describe what it feels like it’s probably similar to losing a daughter or son, can’t really fathom what that would feel like, " said Nekvinda.

Over 6 different branches of the military came to pay respects to their fallen comrades. Names of the deceased soldiers were read, wreaths were placed and shots were fired in their memory.