Increase in Concealed Weapons Permits

by Courtney Wheaton on May 3, 2013 at 6:57 am

The State Attorney General says the number of licenses issued for carrying concealed weapons has increased this year.

Attorney General Mike Dewine says the county sheriffs have issued more than 37,000 licenses in the first quarter and 31,000 of them were new. Owner of Steve’s Buy Sell and Trade, David O’Connell says he can hardly keep guns on the shelves.

"I think everyone is scared that they’re going to crack down maybe start taking guns. I honestly don’t see it personally but you never know," O’Connell said.

Sheriff Matt Lutz says that his requests for gun permits are consistent with the first quarter results of the attorney general. He said request have almost doubled compared to last years numbers. He believes with the onset of tragic events this year people want to feel a sense of security. However there are still rules that come with getting a permit.

"Theres several rules you have to follow if you’re out, the gun has to be concealed to be a permit holder.You have to identify that to the officer if you get stopped on a traffic stop. There’s a lot of different qualification you have to follow.

if you are interested in receiving your license Lutz says be patient. With the rising number of people applying there could be a waiting period.