Local Men Improve Parenting Skills

by Courtney Wheaton on May 19, 2013 at 11:46 am

Local fathers took a step closer to their children Sunday.

Five fathers graduated from the 22nd Nurturing Fathers For Life program or the NFL as they call it. They went through different steps to become better role models for their children. One father says he changed from the inside out.

" I got involved in Inside Out Dads at Noble Corrections Institution and it just made me a better person, a better father, before I was in a lot of trouble couldn’t get my life together. I took this program and now not only just being a good father and being a good person, a productive person in this community. I’m also a business owner, " said Graduate, Richard Roffee.

Another father says the program helped him become more involved with his children and grandchildren and opened his eyes to a new style of parenting.

"Learning that boys and girls both have feelings and we have taught boys growing up it’s not good for boys to cry, but I tell you what that’s so wrong and the girls we have to recognize their needs are so similar, " said Graduate, Jeff Wahl.

There has been more than 100 graduates of the program in this area, and for more information you can visit their website.