National Day Of Prayer At ZHS

by Mackenzie Stasko on May 2, 2013 at 9:13 am

Hundreds of people prayed for Christian influence for members of the military, church leaders, the government and the media in honor of National Day of Prayer.

"We’ll this is something that we do every year. It’s a federal decree by our nation that we can have a national day of prayer on this day in May. So we’ve been doing it, I think it’s our third year here at the high school but we’ve been doing it for a good 20-years here in Zanesville," said Joseph DiVincenzo, pastor of New Hope Church.

DiVincenzo says he’s happy with the turn out of people from Thursday’s event and that everyone came together regardless of their religion.

"Our common goal is that we love the Lord and we’re praying for our nation. We believe our nation is in dire need of a move of God, we believe our nation is kind of turning its back from God. So we’re praying, coming together asking God to pull us back together."

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