Ohio Supreme Court Justice Visits Zanesville

by Katie McGraw on May 28, 2013 at 6:19 am

One of the newest Ohio Supreme Court Justices made a special visit to Zanesville this afternoon to speak The Rotary Club.

Judith French has been an Ohio Justice only since the first of January and during this short time she has traveled frequently throughout the state to speak to Ohioans. She does this in order to get to know the communities, have them get to know her, find out what citizens are concerned about, and any other questions they may have.

"I think that’s really part of my job as a Supreme Court Justice is to not just do the work on the bench, but just really get out of Columbus and get out of the chambers, and talk to groups,” said Justice French. “And I find that their focus is really different depending on who the group is."

French says Ohioans are typically very intrigued by what happens behind the scenes in the Supreme Court. One of the insights she spoke of is about how the justices deliberate a case. Each justice gets to speak without interruption in order of seniority, starting with the chief justice, then there is an open discussion about the case, and then they vote in reverse order.

"So its a very orderly process but its also very open. So I think that if people could see it from behind the scenes, I think Ohioans would be proud of how much deliberation there is, and how much work really goes into every single one of those opinions. So I am really proud of the work that we do. "

Besides the challenging and focused work that French appreciates as a lawyer, one of her favorite parts of her job, is working in the beautiful Supreme Court building and she says all Ohioans must see the magnificent courtroom.