Park Gets Renamed In Honor of Local Man

by Courtney Wheaton on May 1, 2013 at 7:34 am

A local man gets a baseball park named his honor for his hard work in the community.

Lee Eppley is 74 years young. He is the President of the midget league and has worked for the Y-City Park for over 40 years.

" Well I come out here and I mowed grass, drug the fields and worked on the stands just a little bit of everything as maintenance goes," Eppley said.

The owners of the park were going to sell the property and he and his committee stepped in a raised money to keep the park running. He says they raised 57,000 dollars. Eppley believes the park is important to kids.

"Well kids want to play ball and you gotta provide them a place to do it,so let make it so its safe and a good place to play and a good environment becasue kids got tp have something to do instead of just running around getting into trouble, " Eppley Said.

Eppley says he didn’t raise money to get the park named after him, but hes just tickled that the park would do that for him.