Red Cross Provides Tornado Safety Technology

by Courtney Wheaton on May 22, 2013 at 6:43 am

The deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma reminds everyone of the need to have a plan when severe weather strikes.The Red Cross can help.

Muskingum Valley Executive Director, Marlene Henderson says technology is making it easier to stay connected during dangerous weather. Their new cell phone apps are one way the Red Cross is reaching out.

"It will give you warnings when there’s approaching severe weather, especially tornados and once something would happen in this area it would also give you the shelter site where shelters are open," Henderson said.

The app has pre loaded content which means even if your phone is without connection you can still receive updated information. Along with the app Henderson says it’s important to have a safety kit ready in case of bad weather.

" The kit is comprised of anything that you need personally, a list of medications, an extra pair of glasses, always take a whistle, " Henderson said.

In case of an emergency people can let their family and friends know that they are safe by visiting the safe and well page on the Red Cross website. While you are there print out a tornado safety checklist to make sure you are protected.