Stein Visits Warsaw

by JT Raymond on May 19, 2013 at 11:17 am

Alan Stein is a famous trainner in the basketball world, and many coaches will tell you his approach to help players improve their game is next to no one elses. Stein made a stop in Warsaw at River View High School and hosted his Cutting Edge Clinic for high school players and younger.

Stein has travled all over the world teaching his techniques to all types of different players, but it is not just about basketball for him. He also teaches life leasons among other values that go well beyond the basketball court. His three hour clinic does not involve any shooting or dribbling drills, but focuses more on the body and making the athlete better.

Stein has worked with NBA players and worked in other countries with these techniques. He started his training philosphies in 1999 and has been at it ever since. It took River View Coach Jason Trout a little over a year to get Stein to come to Warsaw but once they figured out a date kids from all over Coshocton county and Holmes county came to learn from Stein. Coaches also attended the three hour clinc and sat down with Stein for an hour after the conclusion of his drills. For the complete interview click on the video link provided to hear about Stein’s travles and passion for what he does.