Students At Starlight Celebrate Summer Break

by Mackenzie Stasko on May 17, 2013 at 6:49 am

The hallways were filled with neon streamers, palm trees and other beach themed decor for Jimmy Buffet Day.  "Paradise" cheeseburgers and root beer were served for lunch and the students even had a dance party to help start their summer.

"We started it because I’m a huge Jimmy Buffet fan and if you are, you’re a parrot head, hence the hat and it’s just kind of the end of the year party that we have that’s easing into summer. We’re almost finished with the school year so we have this," said Flo Owen, Food Service Manager at Starlight Schools.

Owen started the annual Jimmy Buffet day 10 years ago and says it takes almost all year to get donations, but only a week to plan. Students from West Muskingum, Zanesville and Bishop Rosecrans High School helped out on Friday.

"Then we have, thank goodness, Key Club members from all the area high schools come and help us and we have true parent head members from the parent head club of Zanesville. They come and help us and they help donate beach balls and lays for all the students."

Owen says both students and teachers look forward to Jimmy Buffet day all year.