Summer Reading Program is Gearing Up

by Courtney Wheaton on May 13, 2013 at 6:45 am

Local kids are encouraged to dive into reading this summer.

Muskingum County Libraries are preparing for their summer reading program for 2013. The 6 week event is called "Dig into Reading". The students are encouraged to dig into different subjects including, treasures, travels and dinosaurs. Assistant Director, Blair Tom says it’s important to keep kids reading throughout the summer months.

"Well studies indicate that students that don’t read during the summer can lose as much as one grade level, so we want to partner with educators and families to make sure that they read during the summer, " said Tom.

Tom says that the kids receive a free book pack and a book once they reach their goals. Local restaurants and the Friends of the Library provide incentives for the children to motivate them to continue reading.

" We do everything we can to make it read for fun. We have free weekly programs that are optional, people are welcome to attend those we have live performances, community partners and library associates that present those programs," said Tom.

The kick off for the event is Saturday, June 1. Children can register that day at the John McIntire Library. All 6 library branches are encouraged to join the summer reading program.