Summer Road Construction

by Katie McGraw on May 6, 2013 at 6:31 am

Monday afternoon, three construction companies from Zanesville, Thornville and Gambier, attempted to out bid one another for three road resurfacing projects this summer.

The blind bids were read allowed to the Muskingum County Commissioners and the Engineers Office for three separate road projects.

" Roads such as Old River Road, Kearns Drive,” said Administrative Deputy for the Engineers Office, Matt Russell. “We have Pinecrest Drive, Fairview Road, Potts Lane are on the asphalt resurfacing program and then on our motor paving list we have Arch Hill Road, we have Southern and Sundale Road, also Narrows Road. "

For the first project, that has six roads needing to be resurfaced, there are three alternatives as well. This is due to the type of product that could be potentially used to fix the road.

"The alternatives are different types of asphalt, some of them have higher asphalt content, some of them have more strength to them, things like that. So the prices will vary depending on the type of asphalt and what the additives are in it."

The Engineers Office will now evaluate the bids over the next week or so and then give a recommendation to the commissioners.