Nichole Hannahs

Unique Living in Zanesville

by Nichole Hannahs on May 17, 2013 at 6:37 am

One of the most interesting homes in Zanesville is now up for sale.

How would you like to own a home with an amazing view of downtown. A home with original woodwork and hard rock maple flooring and bedrooms the size of classrooms.

The old Pioneer School built in the 1900’s is now up for sale. It’s owner describes living here as being on an island.

"When storms come in from the west you can sit here an just see it coming over the valley," explained Owner of Pioneer School Dave Mitzel. "It’s just phenomenal."

The building was last used as a school in June of 2005 by Zanesville City Schools. Mitzel and his wife purchased in in 2007 at auction, combining his love of old buildings with her knack for design.

"I think we tear down our buildings too quickly," said Mitzel. "This has been a learning experience for us in terms of the amount of money that’s needed to do this type of work, but it was well worth it to us."

Mitzel said the decision to sell the property came after a recent health issue suffered by his wife and it’s time to move on from this chapter of their lives.

Currently, 9,000 square feet of a total of 30,000 is finished living space. There’s five bedrooms, five bathrooms on 2.4 acres of land. There is also rooftop access.

Lepi and Associates listed the home for $339,000.