Warm Temperatures are Back!

by Katie McGraw on May 15, 2013 at 6:46 am

A two day difference was all it took for temperatures to soar fifty degrees. From low temperatures, in the mid thirties Monday morning, to today’s highs in the mid eighties.

Though it is not out of the ordinary for Ohio to have extreme weather changes, the people around Zanesville took notice of the temperature difference.

“Um yes, crazy, insane,” said new mom Crystal Mason with infant son Adam Lynn. “It was freezing, I had him completely bundled up, and then all of a sudden it’s like wow! Guess we don’t have to have you bundled up anymore!"

"Awesome,” fisherman, Herb Newton said. “Awesome! Can’t we go up another five degrees at least? I’m ready to get some good fishing."

"Very happy about that,” Jessica May said, a student at OUZ. “I wasn’t coming out earlier in the week. I wasn’t going to bear the cold weather."

It was also breezy today and that kept temperatures from being too hot. So from young to old, from fishing to studying, everyone could enjoy the day.

"Catching fish and putting worms on,” said young fisherman Dakota Wyatt. “Throw them back in.”

“Say nope,” Newton said, grandfather to Dakota. “We just do it for the sport! It’s fun and relaxing. "

Now let’s just hope we have seen the last of old man winter.