West Muskingum School District Passes Levy

by Katie McGraw on May 7, 2013 at 11:17 am

After seven failed levies, The West Muskingum School District passed their levy this evening by 713 votes.

It was a huge win for the district, after several grass-root campaigns and the urging of local citizens who cared about the students.

"Well what it means is, that the community is demonstrated that they support their local school district and I think that it also means that people are willing to invest in our students and the future of the community by its passage,” said West Muskingum Superintendent, Dr. William R. Harbron. “Financially what it is going to help us do, is stabilize our budget, it’s going to help us maintain the programs and services that we have.”

"Where we can do something great for our students which they deserve,” said Board President Ty Dierkes. “The need was real and the families all saw that and our voters all saw that and they gave us the okay."

"Its amazing,” said Michelle Check, a member of the Levy Committee.

“It’s just an incredible feeling,” said, Liz Chernick, another member of the Levy Committee. “People said that West didn’t have a community and this just shows that we really do and when we come together and work together that we really can make a change and make a difference.”

According to Superintendent Dr. Harbron, after a community survey, five areas were most important to the district: maintaining classroom ratios, retaining teachers, technology improvement, innovative programs, and providing adequate instruction materials. The district will not actually receive the funds until January of next year.