Zanesville High School Hall of Fame

by Courtney Wheaton on May 11, 2013 at 11:54 am

From athletics to academics Zanesville celebrates some of its brightest stars.

Zanesville High School Hall of Fame Class of 2013 was honored this Saturday. There were 7 inductees this year. Dr.John R. Miller, a professor at Kent State and honoree said that with the right training anything is possible.

"I think when you come from meager backgrounds, I grew up on the side of town here that made the upper two-thirds of the town possible in a house my father paid $ 2,400 for. We didn’t have a lot of material resources growing up but we had a good school system, we had very dedicated teachers and very committed coaches. I think that made a big difference on our life," said Miller.

Like miller, Christopher Gaiters said education is one of the keys to success. He is the Homicide Sergeant with the Minneapolis Police Department and traveled from there to be at this event.

This is a very humbling experience I have much respect for the community of Zanesville also have a great deal of respect for those of whom I’ve grown to know as I was a resident here, so to be honored in this way and such a fashion means a great deal to me, " said Gaiters.

For a more extensive view of all the Hall of Fame inductees you can visit Zanesville High School and check out their wall of fame.