6 State Trooper Project

by Courtney Wheaton on June 17, 2013 at 6:48 am

The State Highway Patrol will be watching drivers extra closely this week.

This week kicked off the 6 State Trooper Project where Ohio and surrounding state troopers will attempt to reduce the distracted driving related crashes by raising awareness of the dangers. Zanesville Post Lieutenant, Matt Boyd says there are ways drivers can stay safe.

"Main thing is take care of business before you get on the road if you get on the road and someone calls or you have a text or you need to take care of something pull off the roadway, " said Boyd.

The troopers will have their aviation section assisting them by air. The aviation team will look for violations that may be caused by distracted driving.

" They will be traveling two lane roads looking for aggressively driving people.. driving left of center, yield violations.. a lot of violations but a lot of violations are distracted driving type violations, " said Boyd.

Boyd says that many of the crashes he deals with are likely related to distracted driving although they cannot cite these crashes if the victims do not admit to driving distracted .He says he hopes the project will lessen the amount of those type of crashes in this area.