Afternoon Tee A Drive for Women

by Courtney Wheaton on June 17, 2013 at 6:47 am

Women helping other women was the mission at a golfing event on Monday.

The Fifth Annual Afternoon Tee Women Golf Outing took place at the Zanesville Country Club on Monday. The event raises scholarship money for women at Zane State College. Each year they usually raise enough to award 6 scholarships. Pamela Jira, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement College Foundation at Zane State College says its an amazing feeling to support women reaching their goals.

"I recall several times when students say I’m so amazed at people that I don’t even know and who have never met me want to help me do this and so it’s the degree of gratification that is just so extreme, " said Jira.

Michele Redman was the celebrity guest at the event. Redman is a Zanesville native and recently retired LPGA player. She says although she is busy with her new coaching job in Minnesota she makes an effort to be at this event every year.

"I think you have to make time for stuff like this I think these are the things that are very important to do and why you are here," said Redman.

The women at the event participated in a silent auction, ate lunch and played a few friendly rounds of golf for the cause.