Nichole Hannahs

Almost Ready to Roll

by Nichole Hannahs on June 10, 2013 at 6:37 am

Keep an eye out for the Zanesville Police Department’s new slick looking vehicles.

ZPD has been using the Crown Victorias since 1994. When they were discontinued it left them looking for a new cruiser. That’s where the Dodge Charger comes in. City Council approved the purchase of the three chargers in March. Officials believe the Chargers will hold up to the riggers of the job.

"The Dodge Charger gets better gas mileage then the Ford Crown Victoria," said Zanesville Police Lieutenant Bill Shaw. "We are driving around town and the amount of money the city spends on fuel is a great concern with fuel costs the way they are. The Dodge Charger with the V6 engine gave us essentially the same performance as the Crown Victoria, but better fuel economy."

The vehicles will also be equipped with equipment to improve the way officers work.

"We have a more powerful computer in the car and  we have software that allows us to do most of the reports that are required right out in the car without having to go to the station and type them," explained Lt. Shaw.

The Dodge Chargers also have additional lighting in the trunk and around the license plate to improve safety when out on patrol during the night. It could be another week or two before the first cruiser is ready to go on patrol.