American Pride Improving Property

by Mackenzie Stasko on June 19, 2013 at 6:41 am

Since moving to their current location right off the interstate 16-months ago, American Pride has run out of space and is in the process of adding a few new features to their business.

"We’re going to add a roof over the patio this summer and we’re also going to add a warehouse out in the back so we have some more storage. We’re out of space already so whenever you build it doesn’t seem like you can ever have enough space and we ran into that faster then we anticipated," said Ryan Dodson, owner of American Pride.

American Pride is a lawn maintenance company that sells everything from mowers, chain saws and trimmers. Dodson says what first sparked his interest in this business was working at the Zanesville Country Club.

"Well I started out mowing grass for a living and I ended up with the store when we couldn’t find enough good suppliers for lawn equipment, for commercial lawn equipment. So, that’s how we got started."

Dodson says buying your lawn equipment local at his store is the best choice because the service is better and says his employees help fit you with the right equipment for your needs.