Beekeeper Event is the Latest Buzz

by Courtney Wheaton on June 1, 2013 at 11:56 am

Most people think of bees as annoying summertime pest, but people at this local conference beg to differ.

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association held their 2013 summer conference at the Pritchard Laughlin Center in Cambridge Saturday. The event focused on bee supplies and education to keep bees alive and hives running optimally. Vice president, Tim Arheit says that bees are dying and they are hoping to pinpoint the reasons why.

"There are a number of viruses and parasites that are causing troubles to the beekeeping industry and are killing a lot of hives its important to keep them around for pollination, " said Arheit.

Arheit says that foods like almonds are completely dependent on pollination as well as fruits like apples that also need pollination from bees. The raw honey that bees produce is also beneficial to the health of humans. Lawson Whitt of the Dadant Company explains one of its core uses.

"Any type of allergies you have, honey is the thing that clears up your allergies. It’s the best thing you can use it’s better than any medicine you can get," said Whitt.

The Beekeeper Association has ran for over 130 years and hopes to continue to distribute the latest information on proper bee keeping.