Bethesda ER Closing June 30th

by Mackenzie Stasko on June 18, 2013 at 8:20 am

As part of the construction of the new medical center at the Bethesda campus, the emergency department will officially close on June 30 and all emergencies will be directed to the Good Samaritan Campus.

"We’ve added on a temporary out for a waiting area. We took the old waiting area out front and turned it into a triage and a minor treatment area. We took some space that used to be at the front entrance of the hospital and re-purposed that as additional rooms for the emergency room itself," said Richard Helsper, Chief Operating Officer at Genesis Healthcare Systems.

Helsper says patients with less severe injuries will be treated in the triage area and patients with severe injuries will be first priority. Helsper also says the consolidation of the emergency department to one campus won’t affect wait times.

"One of the things were really excited about with this process is, we expect our wait times to actually decline because were able to put all of our resources in one location which gives us actually more resources in order to accommodate that patient flow and redesign how they access it to make it more efficient for the patient."

The new medical center is expected to open in 2015.