Bishop Rosecrans Under Construction

by Courtney Wheaton on June 21, 2013 at 6:39 am

A local high school is in the process of building a new sports complex for its students.

Bishop Rosecrans High School has 17 acres of land in the back portion of the school that will be used for this current endeavor. First steps in plans include the removal of trees, stumps and dirt around the football stadium. Assistant Football Coach for Rosecrans, Chris Zemba says he believes improvements will positively affect the school.

"It will just build the camaraderie around the team and for any team that plays here because this will be a complex that handles multiple sports not just football. We think that will increase enrollment and bring people into the school, " said Zemba.

The school will pay for the upcoming changes through donations,alumni support and fundraisers throughout the year. Zemba says his company plans to start the next step of the project in the next month and they have big plans for the sports complex in the future.

" We’re going to keep it grass for now for the first initial move because there’s not much to get that moved southeast and then that’s our plan in the future is to move to turf, " said Zemba.

Other plans include the addition of bleachers and additional seating for future guest.