Nichole Hannahs

Campers Excited about Science

by Nichole Hannahs on June 25, 2013 at 6:45 am

Around 30 area kids learn that will help them later in life.

These students are taking part in the Muskingum Family Y’s STEAM Camp. The camp aims to teach students about science, technology, energy, art and math. Zane State’s Instructor of Biology Katie Hooper-Boyd leads the students through hands on activities. She’s been part of the camp for the last three summers.

"This should be just a basic lesson fro them to get their feet wet," said Hooper-Boyd. "They are interested in a science field they have some basis on which direction they want to focus on or what they want to specialize in so that’s hopefully the goal."

While Tuesday the campers got to look under the microscope at different items the favorite part of the camp seems to the dissection of perch.

"I never got to dissect anything so I think it’s pretty cool that you get to dissect something and it’s pretty cool about what we’re doing right now is microscope and me and my partner were just looking at this bug that was still living and just really fun to do science," said 6th Grade Camper Jarrett Palmer.

"You learn a lot. You make new friends. You do stuff you’ve never done before like in class we dissected frogs and fish," said 9th Grade Camper Josyln Goins.

During the camp the students also spend time at Zane State learning about the world of higher education to get them excited about life after junior high or high school. Later this week the students will also spend time in a creek learning about environmental science.