Cancer Survivors Celebrated

by Courtney Wheaton on June 2, 2013 at 11:59 am

A national event came to Zanesville on Sunday to honor local survivors.

Genesis Cancer Services had their Celebrate Life event. The program coincides with National Cancer Survivor Day. Area cancer survivors and their families celebrated their health with music, food and games. Lee Murphy is a cancer survivor. He is currently 6 months in remission and says if you think you may have the disease seek help and face the cancer head on.

"Don’t be afraid of it. Go for help right away. It’s the best thing you can do. I never dreamed that I’d have it, there’s been a lot of it in my family, but I never dreamed I’d come down with it, but its worked out great," said Murphy.

Murphy says the doctor’s care was the best and he never lost any of his hair during the process. Nurse Manager, Chad Stoltz says today is a chance to give people hope because cancer patients are faced with many difficult situations daily.

"Our patients are struggling with a lot of things not necessarily their cancer.. they struggle with a lot of stress a lot of financial stress," said Stoltz.

The survivors received door prizes and pictures with their loved ones as a small gift at the event.