Fallen Biker Remembered

by Courtney Wheaton on June 15, 2013 at 11:49 am

The life of a fallen rider was remembered Saturday by several motorcyclists.

Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the death of Dwight Reynolds. He was killed last summer in South Zanesville while riding his motorcycle .Organizer of the event and brother of Dwight, Kevin Reynolds says his brother was a great person.

" He was a big burly biker looking dude with a big beard and a fantastic guy and that’s why we are out here celebrating his life," said Reynolds.

Dwight was a Co Founder of Gods Love Unchained Biker Ministries and Reynolds says his brother loved to speak to people, visit nursing homes and of course ride his bike in his spare time. Reynolds says this event is about celebrating his brother’s life.

" We’re going to stop by his grave and we are going to stop by Musky Bucket in McConnellsville and were just going to celebrate his life, " said Reynolds.

Once the bikers get back from their ride they will enjoy a dinner and then go to a night service at Rushing Wind Biker Church. Reynolds urges people to watch out for motorcyclists and stay safe on the roads this summer.