Foods Infused with Ice Cream

by Katie McGraw on June 18, 2013 at 6:40 am

I scream, you scream . . . for alcoholic ice cream. The rephrased childhood chant, is the slogan for a type of alcoholic infused product, that may be on Ohio liquor store shelves soon,

Under current Ohio state law, food and confections cannot have any more than one percent alcohol. Tucked away in the state budget bill, that congress began debating on Tuesday, is a proposal that would allow foods to contain up to 20 percent.

"Senator Hite, is worried about Ohio falling behind other states, in allowing food and confections to contain intoxicating liquors.” said Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO, Steve Carrel. “Other states have done so and Ohio should as well is his thinking."

There are two sides to this issue, those like Carrel, in the addiction field, feel the products would appeal to the wrong demographic.

"Those who are opposed to it, are concerned about making alcohol more accessible for young people and not only more accessible but more attractive, when it comes to alcohol in the form of ice cream in the form of jello shots."

On the pro side, it is another taxed product, creating revenue and would be regulated by the liquor commission. Decision will be made by July 1st.