Heart Chase Event Brings Awareness

by Courtney Wheaton on June 2, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Downtown Zanesville was filled with people of all ages… Some wearing very strange outfits in order to raise awareness for a special cause.

The American Heart Association had their 2nd Heart Chase Event in Zanesville to promote awareness for heart disease and prevention. Dr. Duane Pool is a Co-chair of the event and he explains easy ways to improve your heart.

"Exercise is most important," said Pool. "Obesity is a huge epidemic in our society. But probably the most important part is smoking cessation, when you walk through a hospital, over 90 percent of the people there are related to smoking causes."

Today at Zane Landing, they started with a bike ride, next there were dancers, clowns , and balloons to represent the people who lost their lives to heart associated issues. Different teams competed throughout downtown in an Amazing Race type format. Cindy Baker is the Co-chair of the event and says the cause it close to her heart.

"Well for me, it’s a community event because I lived here all my life and it’s one of those things we know in our area, we have a very prevalent disease, " said Baker.

Baker says the the money raised goes towards education and research for heart disease which directly impacts the community.