K-9 Unit Demonstrates Skills

by Courtney Wheaton on June 14, 2013 at 11:48 am

What weighs about 72 pounds, responds to German and can take you down at the wave of a hand?

A German Shepherd in the K-9 unit of the Cambridge police. Two of their dogs Bosco and Blaz entertained crowds at the Guernsey County Senior Center on Friday. Patrolman, Roy Angler says the dogs go through extensive training in order to become capable of what’s expected of them on patrol.

"They go through a 200 hour course for narcotics and then after that we put them through a 240 hour course for patrol work and tracking, " said Angler.

When training the dogs the patrolmen use German commands. The dogs work for about seven years and after retirement they get to relax with their patrolman as a regular civilian. Angler says the relationship with the dogs are intense.

" They go everywhere with us. They are with us all the time. When we are not working.. when we go on vacation the dogs are with us I mean they’re constantly with us," said Angler.

Bosco and Blaz are actually brothers. Bosco is scheduled to retire this January after putting in seven hard years on the streets while Blaz is a rookie and is just starting his career.