George Hiotis

Klein Re-Trial Goes To Jury

by George Hiotis on June 12, 2013 at 6:49 am

Wednesday was the second and last day of Richard Kleins retrial at the Muskingum County Courthouse.

The Prosecution brought in four witnesses including a first responder who discovered the child in the Muskingum River, the Licking County Coroner and a man who helped with the search using his bloodhound dogs.

Klein took the stand just before 1p.m. today talking about his two boys and described Aiden and Anthony as his "sidekicks." Klein became emotional and visibly upset at times while answering questions and after the prosecution showed photos of the deceased child the day he was found.

After a brief recess, prosecutor, Bob Smith told the jury Klein recklessly created a substantial risk for the two boys and said the camping trip was a disaster waiting to happen. And said he has no doubt in his mind that Richard Klein is a good man, but made bad decisions and told the jury, sympathy has no place in their decision.

Klein’s lawyer, Sam Shamansky told the jury, Klein was a loving, caring parent that provided for his family and simply wanted to go on a camping trip.. and said what happened was a "mistake, a tragic accident."

Kleins lawyer reassured the jury that "never in a million years did he (Klein) think that his kids would’ve gotten outside the tent."

The jury have been deliberating the charges since around 3:30 this afternoon.