Lion’s Club of New Concord Car Show

by Courtney Wheaton on June 29, 2013 at 11:48 am

A car and motorcycle show took place in New Concord on Saturday to raise money for a local club.

The Lion’s Club of New Concord has held its car show for 25 years and this is the third year with the addition of motorcycles. The Current President, David Houston and President Elect of the Club, Joeseph Smith say the money raised at the show goes towards a good cause.

"We deal with blindness and we take care of a lot of local charities monetarily," said Houston."And scholarships for local the local school district," added Smith.

There were at least forty cars registered and when participants were done looking at the vehicles they ate, won trophies for various contests, and listened to music performed by The Spikeman.

"This is our first year with him and so far he’s I think he brought several of these cars to us we are happy to have him," said Houston. " We’ve spoken to several of the people who have registered vehicles and they’re here because he’s here," added Smith.

Last year the car show raised about $4,000 and Lion’s Club members hope to raise even more for this year.The President says it’s possible with the number of vehicles that participated this year.