Local Girl Competes in National Pageant

by Courtney Wheaton on June 22, 2013 at 11:54 am

The community came together on Saturday to raise money for a local girl competing in a pageant.

Breanna O’Neill was nominated for the American Miss Pageant by one of her peers. Her high academic scores and community involvement lead to this recommendation. The girls are judged on four different platforms, including interviews, personal introduction, and formal wear.

"You get to wear a evening gown of your choice and you get to go out with an escort. My brother is going to be taking me. I’m really excited for that, " said O’Neill.

Her mother set up a silent auction at The Barn on Saturday to pay for the rest of the pageant. She says they have bought most of the important items, but still need to pay for the entrance fee. O’Neill says she is shocked by the community’s involvement.

" Parts of the silent auction is we have a couple people donating like a lot of restaurants actually did it. I’m really surprised by all of the support we are getting," said O’Neill.

The pageant will take place at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Columbus on June 30th. If O’Neill wins, she’ll get a chance to attend the national pageant.