Mosquito Spraying

by Katie McGraw on June 24, 2013 at 6:34 am

Summer heat and moisture are two factors that bring out pesky mosquitoes.

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department typically starts spraying for mosquitoes in mid may and all the way through September. Luckily for this year, it has only sprayed 3 times, which is a slower summer start.

"So far this year it’s been dry, so there haven’t been too many complaints,”said mosquito intern, Levi Lamp. “But usually people just call in, give their address and their name, and then l will put it in the database. Then I will go there and I will spray."

The health department will spray if there is a problem area but also has a schedule it follows for the entire county. The truck sprays larvicides, which controls young mosquitoes before they become biting adults. It uses adulticides to kill mosquitoes who are old enough to bite and may be infected with disease.

"They should call if they are noticing a lot of mosquitoes or if they are getting bite a lot or if they have a lot of standing water in the area. It’s a chemical called duet and it kills them on contact but it doesn’t really hurt any of the other animals or humans "

The spraying schedule can be found on the health departments website at,, plus other information regarding mosquitoes.