National Dairy Month at Farmer’s Market

by Courtney Wheaton on June 29, 2013 at 11:46 am

The Saturday Farmer’s Market was a little bit cheesier than usual this week.

June is National Dairy Month and the Muskingum County Dairy Princess was at the farmer’s market passing out cheese to promote dairy awareness and her knowledge of everything dairy inculding the cows.

"The most common breed is the Holstein they produce 90 percent of dairy milk in the United States, " said Dairy Princess, Brittney Miller.

Miller says there are six different breeds of cows that are able produce milk. She says that most of her family works in farming, a tradition she hopes to continue, and she plans to run for the title of dairy princess again next year. In a booth across from Miller, another dairy- filled stand catered to big crowds. The booth was selling cheese from Pearl Valley Farm.

"We started the first week of May and we’ve been very swamped today..They love cheese, " said Cheese Enthusiast, Judie Sensabaugh.

Sensabaugh has been selling the cheese at the market for more than thirty years. She says some of the crowd favorites are Colby and Jumping Jack cheeses. Both Sensabaugh and Miller encourage you to come out to the farmer’s market and to eat more dairy.