New Football Realignment Affects Local Teams

by Chase Evans on June 13, 2013 at 11:10 am

The high school football season is just around the corner, and the local landscape is expected to undergo some changes. Thursday, the OHSAA announced a new division realignment plan for the 2013 season. The changes will be effective this fall for schools statewide, and hopes to add more parity to the top divisions. Along with the realignment, a new seventh division will be added to the football lineup.

The new "super" Division 1 will exclusively have the largest 72 schools in the state, while the remaining six divisions will have between 105 and 109 schools. The local conference schedules will remain unchanged. As in recent years, each division will send 32 teams to the playoffs, and all seven state champions will be crowned in early December. The playoff schedule will alter slightly for those dates. Here is a look at the local football landscape after the changes.

Division II: Zanesville
Division III: Tri-Valley
Division IV: Maysville, John Glenn, Philo
Division V: West Muskingum
Division VII: Bishop Rosecrans

For more information on the changes, visit or the link provided.