New Technology Unveiled At Genesis Wound Center

by Courtney Wheaton on June 27, 2013 at 9:42 am

A new technology is now available for patients at Genesis Healthcare.

The Genesis Wound Care Center had an open house on Thursday to unveil their two new Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to the public. The HBO’s work by providing oxygen to patient’s wounds.

"We are increasing the oxygen content to the wounds that are trying to heal. Wounds heal better when they have as much concentration of oxygen which then aids in healing of the tissue, " said Medical Director, Genesis Wound Management Center,David Skrobot.

Southeastern Ohio has a higher rate of diabetes than other areas and people who suffer from the illness are more likely to suffer from ulcers and wounds. Skrobot says having this technology closer to home makes getting the treatments easier for patients.

" These are outpatient modality treatments so they have to be daily for five days a week for two to three weeks. It’s very difficult to drive to Columbus everyday. Now we have this therapy here, " said Skrobot.

Along with the Hyperbaric Chambers the hospital made minor renovations to the center in order to house the two new stations. For more information you can visit the Genesis Wound Care Center website.