Nichole Hannahs

Opening a New Era for Scouting

by Nichole Hannahs on June 3, 2013 at 6:30 am

In May the Boy Scouts of America made a vote that will impact their organization on a national scale.

A resolution passed by 61 percent of the vote to not deny membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone. Executive Director Ed Mulholland said that the issue of homosexuality has become a world wide issue and one that can be divisive.

"Our society is pushing a lot of organizations to be more tolerant. Youth are in a phase of their life where they’re growing and developing and haven’t necessarily figured out where they really are," said Mulholland. "Putting them in front of positive role models can have an impact on their decisions."

While their views towards having openly gay youth members has changed, the organization will still not allow homosexual scout leaders.

"This discussion has been had and the decision was to admit youth, but to leave the policy for adults the same and that discussion is done," said Mulholland.

Mulholland said that even with these changes what doesn’t change is the scouts mission to help youth develop a sense of right and wrong and a duty to God.