Possible Ban on Synthetic Drugs

by Courtney Wheaton on June 3, 2013 at 6:28 am

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine says synthetic drugs are being tweaked to stay legal.

Monday, Dewine met with the Ohio Pharmacy Board to discuss ways to ban newly created versions of drugs that escape the chemical definitions of state laws. Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO Steve Carrel says these drugs are altered and highly dangerous.

"They are variations on other drugs, K2 spice is synthetic marijuana basically it’s plant material sprayed with certain materials to give you a similar high to marijuana, " said Carrel.

Carrel says bath salts are another harmful chemically altered drug and the this class of drug can cause serious side effects.

"The synthetic drug bath salts can cause hallucinations, confusion, your heart rate goes up, and possible chest pains may get suicidal and may have seizures combative and violent behavior, " said Carrel.

Carrel says he has seen a large decline in those types of drugs in this area since the government has got involved. He says the packaging on these drugs are alluring and the bath salts used for the tub are safe and are not be confused with the synthetic drug.