Red, White and Kaboom

by Courtney Wheaton on June 29, 2013 at 11:46 am

The Village of Hanover celebrated the Fourth of July early this year with a parade, a blue grass concert, and fireworks!

Today was the Red White and Kaboom event which is sponsored by the Licking Valley Heritage Society. During the parade one group of firemen remembered their fallen comrades.

"The banner was made for remeberance of all of the fallen firefighters over the past couple of months beginning in 2013 with the explosion in Texas and Boston and certain different places fire fighters have passed away, " said Rookie Firefighter with Madison Township Fire Department, Sinjin Colbert.

Colbert says he and his mother came up with the idea to make the banner for the parade. Businesses also celebrated with the community at the event. The Ohio Valley Insurance group works along with Marion Hill Farms to bring horses to the parade.

" They’ll be a team of horses, they’re gray horses, Percherons. Percehrons weigh about a ton a peice and they’re over six foot at the shoulder," said Retired Master Sargent of the U.S Airforce and Owner of Marion Hills Farm, Alan Stanley.

The horses have walked in the parade for the past three years. Libby Teter, Owner of Ohio Valley Insurance and Stanley say that they both have family in the military and times like this are important for celebrating the sacrifices our servicemen and women make for our country.