Riesbeck’s See Surge in Customers Preparing for Storm

by Katie McGraw on June 12, 2013 at 6:48 am

With the big storms heading our way, a lot of people headed to the grocery store.

Riesbeck’s Assistant Store Director sieve Fusner says the local grocery store has seen a lot of traffic today for big ticket items.

"We have sold a lot of water today and ice and we have more ice and water on order now. Batteries, we sold out of batteries last year, as well and flashlights. And candles, a lot of people are coming in looking for candles, stuff like that. We really sold quite a bit of."

Fusner says Riesbeck’s will have the promised water and ice by this evening. Based on what he witnessed during the storms last year, he also has some other suggestions, that might be worth purchasing.

"But I think charcoal was a main item last year too because people couldn’t cook on their electric stoves so they cooked on their grills. So we sold a lot of charcoal and charcoal lighter. "

Riesbeck’s will be opened for their normal hours today and tomorrow which is 6 am till midnight.