Nichole Hannahs

Safe Route to School Program

by Nichole Hannahs on June 3, 2013 at 5:31 am

 The Ohio Department of Transportation helps some school districts in the state of Ohio to create a safe way to get to school. 

The "Safe Routes to School Program" will fund 58 projects throughout the state. The money helps to create physical improvements to infrastructure within two miles of the schools, teach children and care givers about transportation choices such as biking, work with local law enforcement to ensure traffic laws are enforced in the vicinity of schools, encourage walking or biking, monitor and document outcomes and trends through the collection of data.

In our area four school districts will see money from the program.

In Guernsey County, Cambridge City Schools will receive $160,000 for countermeasures at South Elementary and in Noble County $195,000 will go to Caldwell Exempted School District for the extension of a walking path, bike racks, sidewalks near the school and path lighting. 

Elsewhere, in Fairfield County, Fairfield Union Schools will receive $340,000 to install rectangular rapid flash beacons, upgrade crosswalks, install school zone signs and sidewalks on Angle and Strayer Streets in the Village of Bremen. Lancaster City Schools will receive $24,000 for an enforcement campaign.