Safety Day for Seniors

by Courtney Wheaton on June 14, 2013 at 6:39 am

A day aimed at making the road a safer place for all starts with our senior citizens.

Friday was the first Senior Safety Day at the Guernsey County Senior Center. The AAA was there to give the seniors information that many seniors were not aware of or forgot prior to the class.

"The fact that there’s different laws like the move over law that if there’s an emergency vehicle pull on the side of the road and things,"said AAA Traffic Safety Manager, Mary Lou Gillamore.

The seniors also learned about the dangers of texting behind the wheel and driving while tired. Executive Director of the Senior Center, Shon Gress says that the program works in two ways.

"Not just encouraging peoples continued independence but we also recognize there becomes a role in responsibility to keep people safe. So we just kind of use those two interconnectedly," said Gress.

At the event seniors received a free battery check for their cars and a chance to win an AAA membership. The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Guernsey County Sheriffs and United Ambulance were all present and played integral roles in the safety day.