Severe Weather Prepardness

by Katie McGraw on June 11, 2013 at 7:47 am

The threat for severe weather is real this week in our area and the key to dealing with power outages and other issues is being prepared.

One simple way to do this is, to create a disaster kit for every member of your family, filled with essential tools to last through any problems. Flashlights, ponchos, first aid kits, and enough water to last for three days is a good start.

"If you have a room that you know you should go to in case of a severe storm, in case of tornado warnings, or watches, everybody should know where there safe room is in your house, stock it,” said Muskingum Valley American Red Cross Executive Director, Marlene Henderson. “Put some blankets down there, put some sleeping bags there, things that you can grab very readily."

Other important things to put in the kit include a list of medications you are taking, emergency contacts, and also be sure to keep some cash in the pack.

"Make sure you put cash in there, power outages like we had last year, a lot of the stores were taking cash only because their power was out. They couldn’t run their registers, they couldn’t swipe anything, so you know they were taking cash only."

Henderson also wants to remind everyone of the apps available for smart phone users including shelter finders and a tornado app. for more information on those visit American Red Cross’ website at REDCROSS.ORG.