Students Rewarded For Making Good Choices

by Mackenzie Stasko on June 18, 2013 at 8:26 am

Fourteen 5th grade students were acknowledged for their work and each were given a G.O.O.D. Award at Tuesday’s Zanesville City School District’s Board of Education meeting. G.O.O.D., which stands for going on, or going defeated, is an award sponsored by the Lion’s Club and was started five years ago to encourage students to make good choices and overcome obstacles. The recipients were awarded for a number of different things they accomplished during the school year.

"They had good attendance, they did good work, they persevered, they didn’t give up. If some of them had made big changes in their work ethics. They maybe had started the year off being not so good with it and they put forth a lot of effort. So it just kind of is an individual recognition for each child and what they’re striving to improve their academic successes and overall goals in life," said Flora Martin, Director of Special Education and Student Services.

Adrianne Stewart, a G.O.O.D Award recipient was nominated by her gifted teacher for a project she worked on all year about African-Americans and Stewart chose one of her favorite singers, Nicki Minaj.

"I made a power point and it was about her childhood and what songs she had on some of her albums and what her influence is and my opinion and my opinion about her," said Stewart.

Martin says they give out 14 to 16 good awards to students every nine weeks during the school year.