The Drug Coalition’s First Year

by Katie McGraw on June 11, 2013 at 7:46 am

Concerned citizens, health care workers, law enforcers, educators, social services and more have been trying to fight the drug problem in Muskingum County

In 2012, The Drug Coalition of Muskingum County, was created to build plans and activities to address this issue.

"Last June, we put together what needs to be done first just right off the top of our heads,” said Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO Steve Carrel. “And we wrote all of those down and different teams who have been working on different things."

Carrel said the progress they made in only 11 months was significant but they also have a lot of work to do. Some plans in the works are town hall education sessions, billboard competitions, and mass messaging.

"And help empower people, we can all do something. Now can each of us doing something like address the whole drug problem? Absolutely not. But we can have our little part and if we can do our part and if the next person does their part, then we can have a significant change."

If you are interested in joining the coalition, there is a spot for everyone including youths. There are monthly meetings on the first Thursday in the morning at 8:30, at various locations, or give Muskingum Behavioral Health a call at 740-454 1266