Zanesville Firefighter Retires After 26 years

by Courtney Wheaton on June 4, 2013 at 6:35 am

After 26 years as a Zanesville Firefighter one man is ready to close that chapter of his life.

Bill Spragg is ready to go fishing and spend more time with his wife now that he retired. He says that the bonds he built at the station were like a second family. Spragg says he had some of the best and worst memories of his life at the station.

"One of the worst times is when I was one of the first trucks in on the Wilson boys being killed Christmas day so I’ll probably take that to my grave," said Spragg.

Spragg says he remembers a lot of positive times as a firefighter as well. Spragg says it feels great to help people and save lives. He says he will miss the job and he hopes all of the younger men will remember one fact when he leaves.

"The same pride I had the day I received a letter that I got the job I’m walking away here today with the same pride. I hope the younger guys take that heed," said Spragg.

Spragg received a firefighter’s ax for his service over the years. All of his family, firefighters, and fellow retirees were there to support him though his transition.